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Abby Girl at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch

Abby Girl at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch

Pine Ridge Dude Ranch. Many may have read our blog posts over at our other site, about visiting Pine Ridge Dude Ranch last month during a snowstorm where my husband couldn’t go because he had to stay home and plow … Luckily, we got an opportunity to return this weekend and got to bring dad along too. We even had the same room which are the Dakota rooms. a set of bunkbeds and two beds. Abby girl got brave and slept solo on the bottom bunk until about 4am. Then she joined us. They are newly renovated too. You can learn more about room options for any family size on their website.

dad and daughter at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch
Looking lovingly at daddy’s goofy face

I felt inspired to blog again because we got to experience even more this time around and it was different with the whole family there. Well, besides the family dog, Noodles. I thought I could dress her up as my really ugly child and put her in a stroller. However, I figured it was best to leave her with the sitter.

Noodles wearing her wig that she wore as the star of Happy Dog the Film

So let me start by writing that it was great to return a month later because when you visit somewhere new for the first time, sometimes the first time is like “oh wow, this was great. I can’t wait to return and bring everyone including my crazy Aunty Mertle.” Then you go back and it’s like a balloon being popped or the second experience at a new all you can eat buffet where upon the second return, all you get is plate boogers and rubbery chicken. Not the case here.

The Staff

Again, amazing. So many guests go through there in any given month and the fact that everyone remembered us, is really special. Not only did they remember us, they once again, were accommodating and extremely friendly. I also like to randomly talk to people which is really outside my comfort zone as in gives me itchy spots trying to talk to people. Everyone seemed really happy and if they had a need, it was met immediately. I even spoke to a few that were originals, like myself, to Pine Grove Dude and now repeatedly coming to Pine Ridge Dude Ranch. Some, again like me, with their own family. One lady and her family already visited 3 times just this winter! That speaks volumes.

Pine Ridge Dude Ranch tractor

The activities-

Last time we were at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch, we missed some very fun activities thanks to mother nature and a big layer of snow ice. This time around, we took a tractor ride the first day. So warm outside and the sun shining. We got to go all the way around the lake and Abby girl saw several deer. Some were bedded down and staring at us through the trees. It’s a nice length ride too.

“Sometimes I feel like, Somebodies watching me …”

Then my highlight, the goats. We were in the pen with the goats. Brian aka the dad, waited outside, he raised goats as a child and opted to hold my gear instead and watch us have fun. I seriously could hangout with goats all day.

Goats at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch
Goats, Goats, Goats.

Brian and I got to leave Abby in daycare and again, she had a great time and made a craft while we went for a trail ride. Walk only again because the terrain is still not safe for anything else. We didn’t ride together. However, that is fine by me. They asked if I wanted to be near him and I made the decision to stay put and just enjoy the scenery. I see him all the time.

I’m going to do it. Better catch me.”

Abby went on a couple Pony Rides too and if it is up to her, she would have rode the pony all day long. She even wore her jeans and boots for the occasion. I guess, mom, will be looking into Western Riding Lessons in the near future. Suggestions welcomed. Couldn’t she pick a safer option like chess or Parcheesi? I guess not since this is the child that launches herself into the air and smashes into the floor and then yells “I’m alright mommy!” all the time.

pony rides
Back in the saddle again.

Abby got to go swimming again with her dad this time. I couldn’t swim, I just dyed my hair reddish brown. Brian told Abby the chlorine might make mommies hair pink. No, most likely the bottled hair dye would turn orange and I would look like Bozo the clown. Hey, perhaps then I can get a job as an entertainer at the ranch. I digress and also really dislike clowns.

Don’t pull my beard!

The Usual

We did many other things we did last time too such as the arcade and the saloon. Even the two older children aka mom and dad enjoyed the arcade.

At the Saloon, Abby is now nicknamed tiny dancer. Before anyone gets in an uproar, children can stop in saloon but cannot belly up to the bar. She likes Shirley Temples. They make her feel like a big girl and she enjoys dancing to the Jukebox. We accidentally played the same Journey song twice. My bad. Brian even took her back to the room and let me have some alone time with other adults. I didn’t have to use words like potty for a whole hour or tell the person next me good job and slap a sticker on them or tell them to use their words.

mom face
This is awkward mom face because you forgot what to do with yourself without your child there and you aren’t drinking a juice box ….

The Food-

Again the food was tasty. I didn’t eat the main dinner because yes, I was at a Dude Ranch and I don’t eat smoked or BBQ or spicy food. I had fried chicken for lunch on way up to ranch and so no chicken finger children’s meal. There was plenty of filling options at the salad bar and chef made me a roast beef sandwich the size of my head. But, Brian gave the ribs thumbs up. I do wish they would have had some naked grilled chicken available with no sauce on it and mentioned the raisins in the carrot cake.

However, the cake was delicious, I just ate around the raisins. Breakfast buffet had many options and me and Abby girl loaded up on bacon. We are a bacon family. Lunch was sandwich station, soup, nuggets, chips, cookies, salad bar. No, I didn’t get another roast beef sandwich, if that is what you are wondering.

food at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch
Some had to stick their head in picture …

So once again, we cannot wait for warmer weather to return for another weekend at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch. I think Abby Girl already has her bag and “yeehaw” clothes ready to go. We highly recommend Pine Ridge Dude Ranch for a down home, all inclusive Dude Ranch Resort in the heart of the Catskills . If you would like to learn more or book a reservation now, go to their website

-I was in no way influenced about what to write in this blog. Thank you for reading and a special thank you to everyone at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch that made this trip possible. Below are some more highlights and pictures of the ranch.

Pine Ridge Dude Ranch
More photos and highlights of Pine Ridge Dude Ranch! Including Abby in stolen red lips for night-time activities and her retrieving her puppy that luckily fell off tractor right at end of ride. Life is never dull with Adventures of Abby Girl.

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  1. Your trip sounds so much fun! And I love the hilarious narration…next time you should also dye your hair and share a picture 😉
    – Divya

    1. I know it was so nice to have the whole family there. Noodle is hilarious. She’s on social media and has a film on youtube. She even wears a wig that matches her coloring. haha

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