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My daughter is tough and fearless and usually in a tutu. Most importantly, Abigale is always on the go. She tried to crawl away from us as she dragged her head around four months. She was cruising by six months and walking at eight months. She showed signs of wanting to use a potty by ten months and was trained at a 1.5. Her favorite phrase recently is, “I got it.” She will look at you sternly as she says it and put her one hand up.

With being a strong, fierce woman in the making, we’ve already been to the ER twice.

Once for bucking herself off her rocking horse. Took two men and myself to hold her down. She fell asleep during the stitches. Came home, five stitches to the chin and bloody shirt still on, got right back on. The ER doc said she would see us again.

A couple months later, she was back in for power slamming the sleeping dog and received a dog bite to face. Nothing too serious, but still an ER Trip.

She’s sat upon a draft horse, gone rock scrambling before two years old, lept off a high wall into a foam pit and launched herself from a bouncy slide. Abigale recently, ran fearlessly into the Hudson River in a calm shallow section and was covered in mud. She then got naked and ran like the wild child she is, through the forest. These, are just notable highlights. Everyday it seems it is something else that either happens to us or her.

Yesterday, she gave herself a frenectomy. If anyone isn’t aware of what that is, she ripped her little flap of skin off that connects her lip to her gum after a face plant into a boardwalk. The doctor told us to do home checks from now on instead of coming in because she’s so tough. So it’s never, ever a dull moment with Abigale.

Together we have hiked over 80 different times together. She’s usually on my back humming or howling or singing in my ear. We’ve been all over the place. We’ve had many adventures and even gotten lost. I should say, you are never lost, just turned around.

We also enjoy doing yoga together and going to music. She recently started wanting a violin. When she was younger, she loved gymnastics. She also has had a paintbrush in her hands for as long as I can remember and about six months

ago, took to the digital camera.

We are constantly doing something together. Life is one giant adventure. I cannot wait for you to join us!



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