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Adventure in your Public Library

Adventure in your Public Library

Public Library programs
Pete the Cat Story Hr Activity. September ’16. Done by Abby

I hate hearing parents saying things like, “I have nothing to do with my child … There is nothing to do in my neighborhood¬† … I don’t have any money to do anything.” Almost every town or area has a public library and most programs are free or very little cost.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and shoes
Boardman Library, April ’18

We started out at only a few months at a mommy and me baby story hour. We’ve been to programs all over our area and yes, if you aren’t a stay at home parent like myself, a lot of the regular programs are not available. However, there are special programs offered by many libraries as well.

Public Library Programs
Plattekill Library,Paleontology Event

We have done bunny yoga at the library, rock climbing to kick off the summer reading season and even a class on paleontology. My 2.5 year old got to not only learn about fossils, but dig for one too. She came home with her own fossil, a little dinosaur, magnifying glass and the program cost me gas money and french fries on the way home. The program was completely free and while there, they signed her up for the summer reading program where she got a goody bag with all kinds of awesome stuff including Unicorn Poop.

Storytime at public library
Pleasant Valley library March ’17

Each story my child hears at the library takes her on a new adventure and with activities often based around the stories, the adventure is that much cooler. One week she’s fighting monsters and the next week she’s sailing the seven seas. Every week is different and every story reader brings their own uniqueness to the table.

On the computer at library
Pleasant Valley Library April ’17

She is also learning important educational skills and life lessons. At 2.5, Abby can already recognize some words and letters. She has had children in her class that at that age can even write their own name. Her one library story teacher encourages each child to sign in themselves at the start of the program to support the earlier literacy and writing skills. She is also learning to sit still and pay attention. For a wild adventure child, that is not always easy. But, most importantly, having library adventures is building that strong foundation for a life long love of reading.

Writing on the chalkboard at library
Starr Library, Rhinebeck-Nov. ’17

Last week we missed her preschool library class but made it up with a special program and this week, we have her regular class and at least one special program. So, I encourage everyone. No matter where you are reading from to get out and have an adventure at your Public Library. Oh, and FYI there are also tons of adult programs too. So you can have a library adventure too!

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