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Adventure of Mama Bear

Adventure of Mama Bear

Another one of our hiking adventures took us to the woods for a short adventure and a true mama bear moment. Yes, I had one of those mom moments today on our adventure.

Abby insisted on walking with a couple of her toys. Her mouse even dipped her toes in cool stream. She hiked for a bit and then of course wanted “up” and I had left the pack in the car. So I got her up on my shoulders and we howled loudly for the whole world to hear. I bet people thought there was a Sasquatch or crazy people in the woods. We were really loud! We were hiking near a monastery and I think we went by a Monk. He was very nice and said hi. I let her pick all the directions and she took us to a dead end. So we turned around and headed back because she wanted to go to the playground. We walked by a group of school children and I asked if they wanted to have her for a bit as she seemed to blend right in. We laughed and kept walking.

I asked her if she had to potty and she no and pottied her stuffed animal instead. We made it playground and she was squealing with excitement. She kept taking her toys and putting them down the slide first and then following. She tossed a toy down the fireman pole and a boy around age six looked right at her and proceeded to steal her toy. She looked devastated. I being mama bear looked right and him and said “that’s not yours, give it back, please.” He ignored me and started messing with it and walking away. I once again reminded him and eventually went over and took it from him. No parent around. I returned it to my daughter who was not happy. She decided it was time to leave that section of playground. She had a friend from music there and he was ignoring her. So I think she just had enough. It made me upset that a children can be so rude so young. My child is not perfect, and has her moments. Trust me. But, blatant rudeness is so frustrating. I can understand the little boy from her class not wanting to play because he had another friend with him. But, what I can’t understand is the other child who saw her toss it and took off with it with a parent standing next to him. So that was an adventure in itself. All I can do as a parent is try and continue to teach my child how to be a kind human-being with manners. Sorry, temporary mom rant. I am back.

After playing alone for a bit, she said “done.” It isn’t uncommon for her to become quickly bored on a playground. So combined with everything else, I knew she was done. We left and went on our next awesome adventure … Grocery shopping! She gets her own cart and even will checkout at self checkout!

Bonus Content! Hike on Burger Hill,Rhinebeck NY

Burger hill
So I got a bug up my butt and headed out with Abby to burger hill before preschool library time. My calves were burning!!!! Like seriously on fire. So out of shape. I seriously feel like a bear emerging from hibernation. Put on twenty plus pounds over the five months of inactivity. But I saw a little bird sitting on the hill in what seemed a mile into the clouds. The bird kept me going and I started turning the bird and the hill into a life metaphor after a couple rough days. I almost puked but I made it.

I got to top and

let Abby down to romp. She reached in pack and gave me a straw for my water. I was so thirsty. I put my lips on the straw And it tasted like bug spray!!!! Ugh. But, I smiled, said thank you and hid the straw.


After a little while Abby was ready to go. Of course going downhill, she

wanted to walk. Of course. She reminded me of the little girl from little house on the prairie. Frolicking about. She took my camera and was snapping photos until she fell and scraped up her knee.

Photo by Abby

So I carried her a 1/4 to car … Then we headed to library time.

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