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Get Fit Challenge

Get Fit Challenge

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Getting our front yard yoga on to show off my new get fit shirt

I owe a lot of my desire to start this blog and going on adventures to the Get Fit Hudson Valley, challenge brought to the area by Health Quest. It was something awesome I could do with my daughter because there was so many locations we could go to log a workout. For us, it has been hiking different spots on the list as we can do that as a team.

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don’t forget to stretch!

In a six week time span, if you can log more than twelve workouts, than you can win prizes. I think it was the second round of the challenge, I was picked as a level winner. Thanks to that win, I got awesome innersoles for me boots to keep them going for many more miles as they were worn down.

I then signed up to become an ambassador and doubled the amount of hikes I did. My daughter even became an unofficial ambassador. We love rocking our t-shirts. As an ambassador, we get to post all over social media and encourage others in our area to get fit as well. I love that I can inspire other mom’s too. Many outdoor locations don’t require any money besides gas to get there and snacks and water for your walk. My daughter has learned and grown both mentally and physically during these challenges too. So much better than sitting in front of a television.

After a couple challenges, I became inspired to start writing about our travels and adventures. I figured then I could reach even more people and share our adventure journey. That is how Adventure of Abby Girl was born.

The next Get Fit Challenge begins this fall and I am really excited to visit new locations and become even more challenged with my Abby girl by my side. We are going to be adding a new twist this challenge. Shhhhh, can’t share yet. Another get fit person has inspired us. We have also met some great people and getting out there during the challenges.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, shoes, child and outdoorSo I encourage everyone reading this to join this challenge if you are in the Hudson Valley or look for one near you. If you don’t have one, start one! Also, don’t forget to look around at other pages on here and subscribe to my blog. I’m also on most social media channels including YouTube! Peace, Love and French Fries



More info about the Get Fit Challenge, visit link below!

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