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Hiking at Locust Grove

Hiking at Locust Grove

Hiking at Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie, NY with my adventuring Abigale Eve were our first two hikes of the season. The first hike, was fairly short and hot. I hiked it with my friend Carol and her daughter who Abby calls “Ju Ju.” That’s her best-friend and partner in crime.  So, we did a small loop and that was it. Drama free hike.

The Second Visit-

I went alone with Abby an determination set in to find the Hudson River. I knew it was there somewhere. So with my daughter on my back, I began our hike. We took the path less traveled that took us to the outskirts and we went by some lovely swamp and overflow water. It was a great opportunity to teach my  2 year old, the word stagnant water. Yes, I know, she’s two. But, it sounded so cute.

We stopped to look at squirrels, birds and chipmunks. She loves birds and kept screaming “bird” in the back of my head in between her random humming. We eventually found a sign directing us to the Hudson. It was pretty. Nice place to camp if you were allowed.

After being interrupted by a call from my husband, we hiked on. We got to the stream at the big hill that leads back to the gate out and Abby had to go toss things in. It all started awhile back when we had a science lesson on what floats and what sinks. She now can spend endless time, tossing various things in the water.

After over a half hour of water and muddy fun, she wanted to back track and take the parallel trail through the buggiest area. She kept yelling bug in a panic and I thought to myself …

“ummmm yeah, you picked the buggiest trail dear.”

We took our time before heading back up through the gates, past the old human and pet cemeteries and into the gift shop. We chatted for awhile with a lovely lady and then were back at car and looking forward to our next adventure. Learn more about Locust Grove here.

Locust Grove is a great destination place beyond hiking that is rich in history and beauty. There is an art gallery inside and a beautiful mansion. You can also find out about this spot to rent for special occasions. They host events also throughout the year. There are also gardens that are gorgeous in bloom. The whole experience feels as if you have stepped back in time.

Funny side note-My three year old daughter recently found an old map and was talking about ghosts in the cemetery and wolves. She was calling the tombstones, big rocks. So this might be a place for ghost hunters and history buffs too!

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