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The Advantage of Adventures Outdoors with your Children

The Advantage of Adventures Outdoors with your Children

In a world full of technologies, children seem to be more and more sitting in front of some sort of device. The weather is nice, with spring here and summer right around the corner-Go outside and have an outdoor adventure! There are so many benefits to unplugging and getting outdoors. My 2.5 year old and I are on an outdoor adventure almost everyday of the week in the nice weather and depending on where you are reading from, you may have the advantage of glorious weather all year-long!

When your child is outdoors they learn a lot. So when school lets out, education doesn’t have to stop, just get outdoors.  My child has learned a lot of education that she most likely wouldn’t have learned inside. You ask her what a spider is and she says “arachnid”. You ask her what water is that doesn’t move and she says stagnant. She is learning to count and read a map. We love what is called an interactive forest. It’s a fun way to learn about all your native trees and plants. So check to see if you have any near you. 

She is not just learning all kinds of educational points but life skills as well. She is learning to be strong, independent, and a leader. A lot of times I take her lead and let her direct me where to go.  She is also learning to problem solve like when we come to a small stream she has to cross without falling in or the best route up a mountain.  She is learning kindness and a love of nature and animals around her. Perseverance is being learned as well. Sometimes on a hike, it becomes challenging just like life can sometimes become and she has to learn to push on and keep going.  One other awesome skill she is learning is trust. The other day, we were on a hike and the trail we were hiking became steep with loose rock. My daughter looked at me and said “mama hand.” She is trusting me to help her navigate. When she felt it was safe, she told me to let go.

young fearless explorer
Queen of the Mountain

Another awesome thing about getting outdoors is creativity. You can climb a pile of rocks and become a mountain goat or an explorer. You can imagine what is hiding in the crevasses and little holes in the ground creating an epic story that depending on age, can go home and write about. You can pretend you are just about anything when you are outdoors. Depending on where you are and the rules of where you are, you can also collect things for an art project later on. Some places have a leave in place policy. So check the rules before you take anything. We are starting to collect rocks to paint and then I am going to write where they are from so she begins a collection.

It’s also great exercise and good for your health. It’s fresh air! Can’t get any better than that. My daughter,  at 2.5, if she wants to, can now solo about a mile and do small rock scrambles. She’s a very strong little girl and loves being outdoors. I know for a fact, when she gets on a device at home, she can become a totally different being. She is so much happier outdoors.

From camping to hiking to leisurely walk around your local park or even feeding a llama at your local nature center, the options are endless. Go get lost. Go stick your toes in a cool stream or jump in a big muddle of mud in your own backyard! Become a great explorer. Venture to new places.The skies the limit. Go enjoy the great outdoors.. G

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  1. I agree with you. Adventuring outdoors has so many benefits. Unfortunately, as kids get older, it’s hard to keep them outside and active. They become glued to electronic devices and then you have to take them away so sometimes it feels like dragging them outside is a punishment.

    1. yes that is true. It is sad how electronics have taken over. Maybe there is a way to find whatever that kids interests are and try and find something non-device related that can get into outside of the device. What is it called …. Like Larping? Geocaching etc.

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