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Will Brake for Turtles?

Will Brake for Turtles?

It is that time of season again. The trees are blooming, the birds are chirping and the happy little animals are frolicking in the road without a care from big metal beasts zooming down the road.

Now here is my disclaimer-We were on a back road and could safely pull over to rescue the turtle. When braking, pulling out of the way or pulling over, practice safety and common sense. Remember, snapping turtles can eat your fingers like a Vienna Sausage and most importantly, we don’t want you to become a roadkill casualty alongside whatever you were trying to rescue. When you get home, you should really wash your hands to or use handsanitizer in your car.  Now on with my blog.

turtle rescued
mom with turtle

We were coming home from running errands when my husband yells “turtle” and proceeds to pull over. He gets out of car and grabs this cute little painted turtle from the middle of the road. He brings it into the car and we show Abigale as he begins driving toward the pond. We tell her all about our little hitchhiker. Then I start asking silly questions like

“what about his family? Won’t Mrs. Turtle wonder where he is?”

My husband just looks at me silly and says,

“the turtle is getting upgraded to a nice pond … It’s moving day.”

I know it is wrong of me, but my immature five year old inner self was kind of hoping the turtle would be pee on my husband. I know.

We continued driving down the road as my husband yells,

“fastest turtle in the world going forty miles an hour.”

My daughter in back seat, must think her parents are completely insane.

We pull-up to the pond and he passes the turtle to me to bring down to water’s edge. As I am walking down, I hear two guys shouting and pointing from other side. They had rescued a turtle too. We shout back and forth to each other in victory and I grab my cell to take another quick picture before leaving Mr. Turtle at his new home.

It was great small adventure for Abigale and taught her a little something too and maybe I gained back some karma points after flattening the chipmunk the other day. Just remind yourself, as much as you want to, you can’t save them all.

Happy Spring everyone!

turtle in new home

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