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First Time Camping with a 2.5 year old Part 1

First Time Camping with a 2.5 year old Part 1

They say there is a first time for everything. So we picked one of my husband’s favorite activities this time and went camping with our two daughters, Abby and the much hairier daughter, Noodle Bean. We only went a short distance away to Millerton, NY. An awesome little town with lots of cute shops. We stayed at Taconic State Park, Rudd Pond Area in NY right over the Connecticut Border. I actually cringed because I had to make the reservations two weeks in advance through Reserve America and didn’t want to lose the money (all 47 dollars approx.) if the weather was crappy. If you didn’t guess, I’m a tad cheap. I like to say, thrifty, money cautious. Sounds better than cheap.

Next thing I did before we even thought about leaving, was making a list. I’m kind of like a scatter brained squirrel. So I need a list to stay focused and I just keep adding to it and adding to it. Then, I cross things out. It looks like chicken scratch, but it really helps me. I even posted the list to Instagram. Go check it out!

I wanted to wake up and get packing the day we left. It probably would have been smarter to pack the night before. However, we couldn’t find our air mattress (we think we popped another one-don’t ask), our lantern was missing glass and we needed batteries or someone (ahem hubs) would have been blowing up the queen size mattress. So, that morning, I ran into Dick’s sporting Goods quickly and grabbed everything less the batteries. I called my husband he told me the battery powered lanterns are crap and to return it. So I let out a low grumble at him and decided to return them after  church mom’s meetup-playgroup with my friend, Carol and her daughter-Abby’s bestie, Ju Ju. yes, I have awesome time management skills (sarcastic) and figured, “hey why not go play for a few hours? I only have a list as long as a giraffe’s lneck? What else could go wrong?”

So when we got back, I returned the stupid lantern to the store, went to Target, found nothing and was just about ready to leave, when Abby started signing she was hungry. So, we had to stop for food court teriyaki chicken and green beans. Then off to the grocery.

I did the fastest grocery shopping for a trip you have ever seen. It was like mommy dash 2018. I get everything in car. All ready to get out and get home and now the sign for potty. It’s pushing 90 degrees, I have things that will perish and my kid needs to poop. Are you serious? So I rush her into store and into bathroom. Once, that ordeal was over and yes, she made it. Thank God. We headed home. Oh but wait, not just yet … We had to stop for gas and I had to text my husband I was done and he needed to get the ice. At this point, I was carrying a completely passed out child in my arms and trying to pump gas. Yep. Dead weight. Her face was plastered into my left boob. I don’t know why I need to specify. But, yeah.

So I get home, and go to put blankets in dryer and realize, I had wet crap in dryer and I needed blanket dry from washing machine. So I literally slung everything from dryer all over my house and got the blankets drying. I get everything packed that I can and I my husband gets home from work. He looks at me and says “would you rather go in morning?” Let’s just say, I had some words and went a taaaaad crazy. In a nutshell, this car was leaving within the half hour-No ifs, ands or buts … So off we went on our first Camping Adventure.

Stay tuned to P2-The actual Trip!



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