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Hello we know that we are not the only adventurous ones. We need a new poster… Where are you?

Meet Alicia-

Hey there, my name is Alicia. My husband and I live in Suffolk, Virginia with our four boys age 8, 6, 3, and 1. He was an Eagle Scout, I’ve always loved outdoor activities like biking and camping, and we love making life an adventure. Every one of my boys was camping within their first 6 months. We’ve gone camping 3x a year since we got married. I’ve been camping when I was 8 months pregnant and had to stay at the picnic area while they took a short, flat kid-friendly hike.

We love living within a few hours of both the ocean and the mountains. However, with several kids still pretty young, our favorite challenge is finding way to incorporate adventure at home.

Our most recent project has been to incorporate a rope system into our three level fort, extend the rock wall higher, and get a real harness for the boys so that they could climb higher as well as around the outside of the fort, safely.

My main encouragement for moms regarding outdoor adventure is to look for it wherever you can find it, and incorporate it both into your weekends and your backyard. We made a sandbox with eight pieces of wood and some nails. My boys love driving their trucks around it. Then we made a firepit out of basic gardening pavers, stacked in a circle.

Use the materials can afford, and get creative. Find your children’s natural interests and incorporate those as much as possible. My oldest loves baseball so we bought a pitching machine. His brother loves climbing trees but ours are not super big, so we extended the rock wall and bought him a harness. The younger boys love playing with trucks in the sandbox and we recently got some dinosaur toys and ‘bones’ to bury and find to make it interesting and new again.

Also, don’t be afraid to take your kids camping, I’ve found they love being outdoors as much as we do, and suddenly need fewer toys and gadgets and are quite happy with sticks and rocks and looking for creatures.

Alicia Eichmann is a writer, vlogger and digital marketing manager, who helps moms with a side business understand their site traffic so that they can invest their time and resources into the right content and marketing activities.

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Where is our next Adventurous mama and me?

Did you and your child or children-

go somewhere new and exciting?

Try a new or unusual food?

Jump out of an airplane?

Climb a mountain?

Get a cool pet?

Go snorkeling somewhere awesome?

Search for buried treasure?

The ideas are endless as long as it is adventurous and with your child or children. All you have to do is submit one article  to my email address with your contact info and links if you have them. I will pick one story a month to feature on here and announce across social media. Please also submit pictures of videos to go along with video and social media as well. By doing so, you give me permission to post your story and share everything across social media. Thanks!

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