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Get Fit Challenge is Back

Get Fit Challenge is Back

The Great Swamp Begins this Challenge!


It’s with great excitement, I share that the Get Fit Challenge is back. I had written about this adventure a few blog posts back. We basically have different locations throughout the Hudson Valley and Litchfield County where we have to log workouts. In turn, you have a chance to win awesome prizes.

The Get fit Challenge is back
Noodles getting fit

Our first workout took a lot of motivation for me. My daughter was ready to go. I was not so much. I have been really unmotivated and worn down since my hiker injury beginning of August. We even took our dog, Noodles.

We headed to the first workout location on the list which was the Appalachian Trail. It was cold, damp and windy but Noodles and Abby were ready to go. I carried Abby most of the trip. However, Noodles had a spring in her step I have not seen in a long while. She was running like a puppy again. She even made a group of hikers crackup when she decided to jump in the water by the bridge where the group was observing the swamp. I told them that Noodles was skinny dipping.

This was also an in your face do over hike for us because last time, Abby fell on her face off the boardwalk requiring a doctors visit and a split frenula. It was also the trip where a half a milk knocked over in my car as my check engine light went on.

This time around, was rather uneventful. We met some nice people and encouraged a couple to join the competition. Took some great pictures and had a good workout. We are excited to see where else this challenge will lead us. Highly recommend this section of Applachian Trail!


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