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Kindness Abounds on the Mountain

Kindness Abounds on the Mountain

mt beacon
mt beacon

Kindness Abounds on the Mountain. Over the weekend, we hiked Mt. Beacon with a group of people from a local organization. Unfortunately, even though we started off strong, we just kept getting further behind even after the don’t leave a hiker behind speech. But, I guess they might have figured being the only mom with thirty plus pounds on my back, I would have given up. I actually carry two packs when my daughter doesn’t walk.

This includes, the same pack for the last couple years my husband got me at a yard sale and then I attach a second book-bag to that for storage. The fanny pack goes on the front and my camera over my neck. I use a carabiner to hang my water off my strap in the front. It isn’t too comfy, but duct tape and all, we make it work.

So I was grateful when my daughter got down to race the hike leader up the never ending switch-backing staircase. Distracted by a very steep off shoot, the rest of the hikers went by and we became last. She did make summit one and two on her own to feet with very little pack time up.

Beyond Mt. Beacon is the fire tower summit. We heard the group talking about how some were going to try to get there too. Of course, that became our goal too. They did whole, thing, so would we.

However, what was also completely awesome was the amount of kindness we met on the trail by total strangers that day even though we were left behind by the main group.

fire tower view

First there was all the encouragement and kind words. We had so many random people cheering us on. They kept pushing us further and further up the mountain.  Trust me, there were times when she was on my back that I wanted to say screw it and turn a around. At times, Abby looked at me and wanted to give up and we just kept going.

Through everyone’s encouragement and awesome words, we not only made it summit one, but we also made it to summit two. We even climbed to the top of the firetower and I am deathly afraid of heights. I wanted to show my daughter that we could do this and what made it more special was it was take your daughter on a hike day. So, we made sure to post lots of pictures and even a cheesy video we created together to hopefully pay it forward and inspire woman everywhere because I found it fascinating that on a very busy trail, and five hours out there, we didn’t see one other mother and young daughter team hiking. We saw dad’s and no mom’s with young children.

My almost three year old daughter’s inspiration was all the kind dog’s on the trail. She kept hiking to get to more dogs at the summit. Some of the dog’s would seriously keep looking back to make sure she was alright. Fitting since I think my daughter thinks she’s a wolf.

Kindness abounded even more throughout this trip like the lady that offered us water and wanted to make sure we were hydrated.

Another time, the realization hit that I dropped my pole and the terrain was too rugged without it. My daughter headed back to look for it. A random man said he had seen it about a hundred yards back and told us to wait. His friend volunteered to get it for us.  The same person helped me latch my pack to the fire tower so it didn’t blow off the mountain.

Second was the lady that gave us correct directions. She was from original group and told us she got away from the group too and the original directions were wrong, adding an extra mile to her trip. So thank you to that lady. We didn’t need an extra mile! My daughter told me which trail to take and I was like nope, I think we still stay on red. I asked someone, and yes, Abby was correct.

Next, there was the person on the way down that got my daughter’s soft blanket from my pack for me so she would have something to nap with on way down the trail.

I remember the awesome lady also on descent as I was struggling because my pack was slipping below my butt from my daughter’s dead weight as she slept. She stopped and cinched every strap on my pack and it fits better than it ever has and I was able to safely navigate back down the mountain.

I had some random guy grab my daughters boot that had fallen off and actually put it back on her foot.

Lastly, at the end we had a woman race my daughter near the finish line and that made the end that much more important for my child. I am sure I am forgetting some people, but these were the once that stuck out in my mind. I also apologize to the very nice guy next to me that thought I fell.  It was just easier to slide he thought I fell.

kindness rocks

The most fitting thing was the kindness rock sculpture. It fit into the theme so well. You could take a rock that meant something to you or leave a rock for someone else. I didn’t even think about taking a rock. I kind of wish I had now. But, my daughter did leave a rock. So maybe someone will get our kindness rock!

This was a great hike, beautiful day and held so much meaning. So much kindness on the trail on take your daughter on a hike day! Can’t wait for next adventure.

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