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The Adventure of Being Stuck at Home? The Hiker Accident

The Adventure of Being Stuck at Home? The Hiker Accident

Yes, you read that correctly. The adventure of being stuck at home. Four days and today being the first day we truly ventured out since last week. Even one day in the house with an Abby is rough. Beyond that is simply ridiculous. It isn’t just the fact we are trapped at home … We are trapped where I was in bed for three days pretty much not able to function.

It all started last Tuesday on one of our many adventures into the local woods. I brought the dog and Abby and I got lazy about wearing my boots, bringing a first aid kit or my trusty bandanna. I figured, it’s an easy hike and a mile if I’m lucky … What’s the worst that could happen?

When it happened-Tuesday

Well, my child decided she wanted to rock scramble just off the trail. I checked it first for snakes as my husband always warns us of off trail climbing because of rattlesnake and copperheads. I went to follow her. However, she was already up it. I figured, I will just go to the side and pull myself. The ground isn’t too bad. Fact, it has rained non-stop recently. So as I stepped, I came down on a jagged rock and slide. So after a bit of her not listening, she decided she wanted up. My adrenaline kicked in as I walked with her on my back and dragged my fat, stubby legged dog about a quarter mile uphill with blood running down my leg.

I got to car and cleaned it by flushing it with an unopened jug of water and wiped it with a hand wipe. No, no #1, you are not supposed to use hand wipes on a dirty open wound. It can strip the good bacteria. I had the kids both furry and wild in the car with AC on as I did all this. I got in car and began to drive. That’s when adrenaline wore off and my leg was just a tad angry. It was also leg I needed to drive my car. But, I made it home.

My husband told me to use bag balm cause it appeared to be more bruised than anything with some scratches. No, no #2. You need to clean it and put a good triple antibiotic ointment, then cover! So that Thursday, I was not feeling right all day. Off and dizzy. Very tired. By afternoon, I had spiked a wicked fever, horrible sore throat, chills, body aches, dizzy, migraine. So here comes the no, no #3, I consulted my mom’s group for advice. I thought I had gotten a virus visiting my mother in law in hospital since I was told a virus was going around. I decided to ride it out for a bit as I debated.


Friday was spent in bed all day unable to eat. Friday night, began stomach pains. I’m not sure if it was the Advil I had taken every four hours to keep fever and throat swelling down or the progressing health issue. My house at this point, in main living area was almost impassable and my child was going full on Lord of The Flies.

Saturday morning, I walked into bedroom and announced if my husband had no other plans, I was going right down road to urgent care, watch the Abby Monster.


At urgent care, I was five minutes early and at point, standing was hard. Not sure how I drove myself there. They left me sitting on the pavement with back against the front of building. Doctor strolled passed me and didn’t say anything. I got in, and sat. Then I sat some more. For urgent care, a twenty minute wait isn’t too bad except when you feel like death’s girlfriend.

My Friday Face

I was looked at by a nurse and then the doctor. They really didn’t do much. They didn’t even clean it. She told me to go home and soak it, then scrub it with a wash cloth. I’m pretty tough and even that sounded nasty. Especially on a shin and when I did do as they said later on, I found the one area riddled with infection. I also have a thing about touching my bones. I know, I’m very weird.

However, after lots of comments about the poor state of my throat, not good looking wounds and me screaming in my hoarse voice, I’m going to puke as she swabbed my throat for strep, The doctor concluded from my symptoms that it was bacterial and came from my injury. The strep test was negative. A prescription was sent to pharmacy and I went to grocery store.

After dragging myself through the grocery store like a character from Walking dead, I went home to pudding. I rested all day and didn’t leave. Abby was freed once to go to store with her dad.

Finger was feeling left out of the party

Here I sit, Sunday and feel on the mend. I’m on amoxicillin. The doctor said Advil was fine every four hours. However, I switched to Tylenol because I don’t need stomach bleeding too. I was able to go to store today and did better than yesterday. My house is horrible,  kitchen is scary, and child best not slam into my leg one more time. Oh, and then today, I tried to clean and slit my little finger open on a cat food container top. I can’t catch a break. I am also tired of nursing home food. Over cooked vegetables, pudding, more pudding, liquids, mushy stuff and I graduated to small pieces of food. Best part has been the multiple milkshakes. So this is my adventure for this week. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on my social media channels. Awesome stuff on YouTube!


Post update- The fever broke and sore throat was improved but the stomach issues and chest pain sent me to primary the next day … I was still have massive internal issues. Doctor prescribed steroids, and anti nausea medication. I lost ten pounds and killed my immune system. In fact, a month after this post, I ended up in ER with another horrendous sore throat and stomach issues. I was told it was viral. My body was ravaged from one simple hike. I got sick several times after that and fought many colds. Now I take elderberry at first signs of anything. Funny part is, I ended up gaining about 25 pounds after losing ten and feel like a yo-yo. Tomorrow, I meet a new doctor and express my concerns.



So fun facts-

Trust your gut

Should’ve gone to ER

Wear the right shoes while adventuring no matter how small or simple the adventure

Always carry a first aid kit

Never get comfortable in your adventuring

If you happen yourself into some dumb luck, make sure you have lots of activities your child can do while you heal


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