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Lets talk gifts.  She gets an awesome present, and loses all the pieces or spills something on them. Playdough stuck to the bottom of my boot. It’s a disaster. But, there are few interesting things she has taken a liking to recently and they are not traditional toys. I even sat on a banana peel. Yep.

  • Makeup-

The first is my eyeliner. She was a cat for Halloween and Abby gets on kicks. So the current kick is that she thinks she’s a cat. I hide the eyeliner and she finds it. My husband comes home from work to whiskers on her face and a little black cat nose. He said he is used to it. Then the other day we went to the zoo with her Uncle Todd … After the leopard exhibit, she dropped to the ground in the warm sun and began licking her “paw.” Lipstick is good thing. We use a lot of all natural products so it’s a safe option. She will liberally put on lipstick. Not always good when you have to head into church …


  • BOXES-

The second thing she uses her imagination was various boxes. First was the toilet bowl box. We recently got a new toilet and the box has been becoming her new home. It has a pillow in it and a dinosaur. She used paint and markers and decorated it. She will often retreat to her box and create cave drawings on the inside. The grownups have tripped over the box numerous times. Then there this a pullup box too. Much smaller but that is her car, rocket ship, boat or whatever else mode of transportation she feels like it should be at that given moment.  Lastly, the small boxes like shoe boxes. Loves to hide her treasures in there or use them to slide on floor.


  • CANS-

Just now, it was cans again. About a year ago she discovered cans. I got her a couple kinds of blocks and no. However, give her cans and she will build the most amazing towers and structures. I walked in the kitchen and there she was by a very impressive tower eating a bowl of rice krispies with the cat staring at her.

Children find the craziest things to take an adventure with or turn into the wildest things that grownups would never dream of thinking of in their distracted, jumbled minds. The adventures of Abby girl continue on whether they are out in the wild or indoors with a couple of boxes, some eyeliner and soup cans. What are some items you or your children use to fuel your creativity?


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As always, Peace, Love and French Fries -Abby Girl and Mom

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