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Two Sides of the Hill

Two Sides of the Hill

Two sides of the hill when winter hiking. I completely let this slip my mind the other day when I took the family dog and Abby Girl to our local park for a hike. I was so overjoyed the temperature was above freezing and the sun was shining, I had to get out and hike. So off we went to Peach Hill Park in Poughkeepsie, NY.

walking the dog

We pulled a bunch of amateur moves on this hike at Peach Hill Park. For starters, I thought it would be a short hike up the hill and back down like it has been usually. Abby girl had other plans. She was wearing a long sleeve shirt, pants and boots with a ball cap on. It was warm enough to do so. However, Abby Girl decided to keep hiking and hiking some more up the steepest path. It became windy and the higher we got, the more snow. Now this is not a big serious mountain. It’s a hill at an old apple orchard.

view from top. Peach hill park poughkeepsie ny
Abby’s photo age 3

However, as we crossed to the other side of the hill, the weather changed drastically. The snow became about an inch and very slippery. The temperature felt like it dropped twenty degrees. It didn’t help she wanted to stop every two seconds to talk about track in the snow. But, it did give me a chance to apply an impromptu home-school lesson about animal and people tracks. We also discussed direction and opposites.

Two sides to mountain. Animal tracks

We got to where I thought we turned to go back to car and Abby said “no, that way.” Well, I made the mistake of ignoring her and ended up going the very long route. Toward the end, she got chilly so I took the zip out lining from the coat I was wearing and gave it to her. Great hack. She walked all the way back to car on own two feet with only a brief carry. I began to wheeze so she had to walk.

Peach Hill Park. two sides to mountain

This winter is killing me. I’m out of shape and dreaming of spring. Just remember when you hike in winter, there are always two sides to the hill.

Want to learn all the sciencey stuff behind why one side is colder and wetter than other side? It has to with the leeward and windward side of the mountain. You can read a cool article here. Yippie. I bet then you will be able to bank more cool facts in your head. You will be like the cool facts person. Haha.

Anyways hope you enjoyed reading. Peace Love and French Fries. Want to connect with me? Click here!

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  1. I love reading all the posts. You are a wonderful inspiration to other mothers and daughters! Your adventures are awesome!

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