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A New Chapter-A New Type of Adventure-Abby Girl Goes to school

A New Chapter-A New Type of Adventure-Abby Girl Goes to school

A New Chapter-A New Type of Adventure-Abby Girl Goes to school. I was all set to write about one of our adventures, and I’ve been away from blog healing from illness from my fall back in beginning of August. However, to me and to her this is our next epic adventure. Abby goes to school. We home-schooled for a year loosely. Sunday she read six or seven words on her own and is starting to understand different types of money. Now, it’s time for the teacher’s at her preschool to step in and everyone move as a team to let Abby girl grow to her fullest potential.

Abby goes to school and helps mom get ready
please don’t hit me with that thing

Three nights ago I sat in my kitchen labeling all her spare clothes with sharpie. Next morning everything went fairly smoothly thanks to my usual scattered brained self forcing a routine upon myself and enforcing earlier bedtime. My husband took off work and I had my camera in tow taking a million photos documenting every move right down to my daughter trying to blow dry my hair.  It was time to let the birdy fly or in our case, for little mouse to leave the house.

We got her in the car and took her to the preschool where she went upstairs with us and put her backpack away in her cubby. We took her downstairs to the playground and off she ran never looking back. I took some stalker mom photos from afar and then we literally had to force her out of playhouse to say goodbye to us.

Sad pancakes for mom
Sad pancakes

We went back home to our furry child Noodles. My husband made me a sad pancake and bacon. I got absolutely nothing done because I wasn’t sad like my lovely pancake depicted. I was more anxious and overwhelmed at the whole experience. So, I laid in the nice silence and put the blanket over my head and watched Unsolved Mysteries. It was a treat as there was no cartoons on, no Baby Shark, no jumping on my head and stealing my breakfast.


The time flew by fairly quickly and it was time to pick her up from school. The teacher said she got a little teary eyed at times and they just reminded her to take a breath and gave her something to do. Then, she was absolutely fine and didn’t even shed a tear when she saw us.

Fly little one fly
fly little one fly

That night we had to go back for parent orientation and it was a whole different child. She literally had the biggest meltdown you have ever seen when we tried to leave her. One of the workers for the evening brought a note with a drawing that said “mommy I miss you.” Shortly after that, a small hyper ventilating being was brought into me and sat on my lap for rest of parent teacher orientation.

So that was Abby girls first day of Abby goes to school. The only tips I have for those who are starting is

A. Get in a routine

B. Organize

C. Prepare for anything.

D. attempt a good night sleep.


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