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Boooooo Ghosts

Ghosts on hike. This was a memorable  hike adventure for us that happened a little while back. Boo Ghosts or as I like to now call it,  the Bermuda Triangle of Dutchess County, New York.

So we start driving to our location and my car has just been reset so I should have a couple days before it decides to be stupid again. I get maybe halfway to the location and my light goes on. That is followed by my fan blasting because it thinks my car is overheating when it isn’t. I was at a point where I just didn’t care as I was already closer to the hike than home. I made a quick stop at a garage sale where my child decided to be completely antisocial and didn’t want to talk to the lady. Abby just wanted to get to her adventure.

We get to Fern Cliff Forest and I get her out of the car. She grabs her duck water gun to walk with and of course, Abby needs her map. We stop for that before heading up the trail. However, halfway up the trail, it happens.  She sees the Porta- potty. Of course when she sees the Porta-potty she’s got to go. I avoid them like the plague. She views them as some sort of twisted adventure. Maybe she thinks it will transport her to another land. Instead of entering a closet like in Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, we enter through the elusive Porta-Potty.

I very cautiously open it up because you never know what you’re going to find in one of those things and actually surprisingly, it wasn’t too horrible. She went to the bathroom and I went the bathroom and then we went play by the lake.

I looked at my cell phone and my map GPS tracker was going ape shit haywire. So I just delete that hike and I tried again and it proceeds to keep doing the same thing. I had no idea what was going on but it will not properly recording my hike at all. It  just kept jumping around from 1.6 miles to 3.2 mi, 2.64 miles. I knew we only had walked maybe a half mile. It was very strange. This has only happened once before at a summit and did it only once before going back to normal. I could not get my GPS to act normal. Multiple attempts and it just wouldn’t work.

I make the decision to stay at the lake and I tried to teach her how to use the water gun but she still couldn’t figure it out. So we played a game of chase where my daughter ran and I went after her with her ducky water gun. She thought it was hilarious. Abby kept screaming ready and that meant game on.

Then we go by this little cabin which just looks kind of creepy right next to the lake. Very reminisce of Jason. My daughter starts saying ghost all serious. She never learned about ghosts from me but had recently been going through a phase with two ghosts she claimed to see around, Baby Ghost and Petey who is Baby ghosts dad. So at first, I wasn’t too concerned.

But, she seemed different this time and really fixated on this cabin. I, for awhile before this even started happening had a very off feeling. So, when my daughter decided she didn’t want to go anywhere near the cabin and personally turned herself back to head to the car, I was done. The feeling was so ominous like something didn’t want us there or something would have happened. I firmly believe in trusting your inner self. So, as the bad feeling got worse, and Abby confirmed my feelings, it was time to leave fast.

That was one short adventure but there was enough stuff packed into it that I was fine with a short trip this time. We get back to the car and by this point, her sandals were off and she needed to change her wet clothes. But, my free spirited child wanted to be naked. At this point, I didn’t care. I just told her she needed clothes before we went in the store. I just hung her dress off my side mirror so it would dry in the breeze.

Finally, after she helps me put the key in the ignition, get ready to go and she starts yelling. Someone was eating melted dashboard chocolate covering her in it.  I take her naked self back out of car and clean her all up. Get her back in the car seat after a short battle.

We drive only minutes down the road and she starts yelling potty mama potty like her life is depending on it. We pull over and i rush to get her out of the car again and onto her little potty. Can I tell you, that all the dramatics were for the world’s smallest poop? This concluded our Fern Cliff Adventure. Now I had to just survive errands. How difficult could that be?

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If you are a history nerd like me. I have included some short facts about Fern Cliff Forest below. It might explains the whole ghost thing. Enjoy!

-Land originally belonged to the Sepasco Indians

-Few took interest in the highly wooded, dense land

-In 1900 it belonged to a struggling farm colony.

-In 1912 the main owner died on the sinking of the Titanic. The son inherited the land.

-Eventually, the Rotary received for a forest preserve and game refuge

-In 1964, Brooke Astor deeded the land to the Rotary, stipulating that it must remain “forever wild.”

The whole article is pretty interesting. You can read it here

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