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Home School Adventures Begin

Home School Adventures Begin

Home School Adventures Begin. It has been about a month. I’m not going to sugar coat it … I am absolutely exhausted. We begin every morning with workbook. We in between all this have breakfast. She is going through a vegetarian phase that started the same time as homeschooling, so I’m adjusting to cooking a vegetarian menu for her unless it’s chicken nuggets. Then in the morning, we also do calendar and circle time. Sometimes we do a dance party or something impromptu. Then we are off and running.

Homeschool Adventures


we have Preschool library time and play at one of our many local libraries. That fills most of our morning. We eat lunch and run errands, go for a walk or hike or find something to do in the afternoon. We then read more stories, eat dinner and do whatever we need to do at home before bed. Bed is somewhere between 9-10 pm because she has issues settling down. In the afternoon, we had an art class for elementary age children. We made birch trees with little birdies.

Books, Books and more Books-Homeschool Adventures
Books, Books and more Books-Homeschool Adventures


we have free choice but always do all the other in place stuff such as workbook. But, our free choice this Tuesday was Muscoot Farm in Katonah, NY. We learned about turn of the century farm life and looked at animals. Then Abby girl wanted chicken nuggets and fries. GPS took us on a crazy adventure to find the golden happy meal. After that, we headed to the Jefferson Valley Mall where she saw a little boy in play area and played with him for a bit. It was getting late and I didn’t want her to miss her library program, so we headed back up north after a quick stop at the gas station for snacks. At 4 pm we had a lesson on Chinese New Year. She made an instrument, tried and liked an egg roll and did the prop photo-booth. Then back home.

Homeschool Adventures
Homeschool Adventures


Dance combo class in the morning. We stop for bagels. She pays. Then she has a combo dance class with her bestfriend, JuJu. Then grocery shopping for all our fantabulous vegetarian needs and educational stuff. K workbook for when prek gets boring. Aldis is my go to grocery store recently.


Another library time. Then free choice.


Total free choice or Christian playgroup depending on the alternating week


Kindermusik music. Then an adventure.


Sunday School. Family time.

Hello foot Yoga Pose
Hello foot Yoga Pose-Homeschool Adventure

In between all this, we take full advantage of activities near and far we can go to and even possibly blog about. Sometimes, we even take mini vacations. We do it all on a very limited budget. So, there are no excuses. You just have be creative!

Next Weds she has another yoga class and more library bonus classes! Though only three, she has moved into many k-3 and k-6 programs. I gotta be doing something right! It’s a lot but we are getting the hang of things and just think of all the adventures we get to blog about now! I just have to work in between everything. Here is too our next adventure.

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