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I sunk in Mud

I sunk in Mud

rundown Beacon NY
Burnt out, rundown buildings

I went down to Madam Brett park, in Beacon NY. I called my husband as I began my hike. He was all worried because I was in beacon walking past the rundown, burnt out buildings.


Tidal Marsh, Beacon NY
Tidal Marsh

But, there was so much more. I realized I wasn’t going in the direction I wanted to go in,  but ended up on a trail that took us to the tidal marsh. It smelled like the ocean. There were men fishing the marsh and birds shooting out from the tall weeds. It was really beautiful and a change of scenery from our usual wooded adventures. Abby thought it was awesome. I even taught her to say “tidal marsh.”

We walked around a bit and

headed back to check trail on other side of car. Abby kept stopping to look at the very fast rushing water on the bridge and I kept yelling for her to get back as I had a nightmare about a drowning the night before and some ominous woman told me to watch my child in the dream. So naturally, I listened

the bridge to the marsh
the bridge

to lady in my dream and watched my child like a hawk.

We got to other side of lot and began the other trail. It was drastically different and led to a nice waterfall. I prayed it wouldn’t make Abby pee because I knew I really had to go and the rushing water was not helping my mom bladder at all.

bridge in wodds
the metal bridge
ladder challenge
the ladders
mud and boots
muddy boots

The trail continued on, unmarked and me being me, knew Abby was securely on my back and my cat like reflexes could do this new stretch. So I balanced and walked along some cement barriers. I got to a rusty ladder that led up a giant cement block and then a ladder on other side brought you to a continuation of trail. But I could hear my damn husband in my head saying that’s not safe. Combined with the dream lady that told me to “watch my child” … I  decided to listened to the voices in my head and saw a patch of what I thought was dirt on my other side.

So I said, “I can do this” and went for it!  Umm nope. It was clay and I began to sink and sink fast. I grabbed roots on other side and shook and wiggled and freed myself. My daughter thought it was hilarious. My one boot and leg were solid mud and I smelled like a pottery studio.


I got to other side and explored a little further before turning around. This time I didn’t listen and shook the ladder. It was very secure so I went up and over, Abby on me like the little spider monkey she is in her framed, backpack carrier. Typically I would take her down and let her climb. But I just wanted to be done. I got back to car and went to MC D’s … No judgement for a fries celebration, and finally, a pee break. Then we went home after sending a lovely text of my boot to my husband with the words.

“I fell in.”


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