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The Adventures in Pet Ownership

The adventures in Pet ownership. They are never dull. We have had several animals find their way into our home over the years. Thanks to our neighbor and my husband’s good friend, the group has grown.

So since I have met my lovely husband, we have gotten cats I rescued from our backyard when we moved into our home. My husband told me no and to leave them alone, but I just couldn’t. Soon three out of four would be in our home and indoor kitties.

The three cats. The Adventures in Pet Ownership
The three cats.

The mama kitty who looks like a Tim Burton Character. She just appears now and again and is a senior kitty now that suffers from TBIS. Little Mini Strokes.

No photo description available.

Wormy, son, who was consistently with issues and slinks around. He was the one they forgot about when all the cats were fixed returning home and I asked my husband why the cat still had little balls. Another time, Wormy disappeared as a baby.  Upon his return, he had  a huge, nasty neck injury his mama licked and fixed. They are very close. There was Spook. My husband told me he ran away to join the circus. He made an appearance recently in our yard. The last cat is my favorite and Abby’s.

Wormy cat. The adventures in pet ownership

Bubba Kitty. He is very large and more dog-like than cat-like. Sadly, Bubba fell on his head as a baby because he lacks cat like reflexes. He also got stuck in his carrier at the Vet and it took three of us to pull him out because he likes carriers that are too small for him.

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We had a bird, Oliver. Oliver was very Bipolar and Schizophrenic. When one of our beloved clients passed away suddenly, the bird was left alone in the house in middle of winter. Naturally, I needed to rescue the bird. The bird liked to drop its toys to the ground and when the bird thought the toy was dead, it would let out a creepy laugh. At first it bonded to my husband.

However, he soon became bonded to me instead. We even would cuddle. I had a surprise unplanned pregnancy. The bird used to peck and stare into my belly. After the baby was born, the bird would hide in the ceiling of our house and dive bomb us. It got to the point where it would dive bomb, latch on and not let go, repeatedly biting. It was like Birds. So heart broken, I gave Oliver to Northeast Avian Rescue and the bird was adopted.

No photo description available.

We have Noodles. Noodles, we got as a puppy from Animal Rescue Foundation in Beacon aka ARF. She is now going to be nine this year. We got her while my mom was being treated for a brain injury. Noodles used to go and cheer up the residence there and could even pull a wheel chair. She became the mascot for our business, A Touch of Old Fashioned and would cheer up many seniors we worked for when we had to go do miscellaneous jobs for them.

Noodles the dog. The Adventures in Pet Ownership

Noodles, also has summit mountains, worked at flea markets and made friends with Meaty Mugs an awesome all natural dog treat company. She also starred in a film my husband and I co-wrote and produced for Youtube called, Happy Dog the Film.

Hermit Crab
Hello Fre the Hermit Crab

AND now, we have two hermit Crabs. My husband walked in the house the other night and was like “Carly got them for Abby in Virginia.” Carly is my husband’s, friend’s daughter. They started in a small wire mesh tourist cage with rocks. We went the next day and got them pretty pink sand, shells, a wading dish, small tank.

We set it up, took pictures and even posted our new learning corner to Instagram. I received a message on Instagram with advice and discovered everything was wrong. So, I then started doing research and joined a Hermit Crab Group on Facebook. So we went back out and bought new stuff and went and collected driftwood etc. I setup the new tank again and Fre. Yes, Fre burrowed under the new natural play sand Eco earth mixture (5:1) and has not been seen since. I have to wait three months as he could be stressed. Yes, crabs feel stress. He could be molting or he could be dead. It is a waiting game.

Wrong setup for Hermit Crabs. The Adventures in Pet Ownership
wrong setup for Hermit Crabs

I have put plastic wrap over top to keep moisture in and they have a salt water pool. They also have a fresh water smaller pool and food dish. The food packets for Hermit Crabs aren’t good for them. At night, they nibble on a lot of foods we eat.  Just nothing processed, dyed or with additives, spices. We have also tossed the sponge as it can harbor bacteria. They also need their tank at a certain temperature and correct humidity. It is a lot.

Lastly, no handling the crabs because the air can damage their gills. I also found out the hard way that when they pinch, it can hurt bad. I’m sitting there trying not to cry as Abby laughs hysterically. It finally let go.

New Setup for hermit Crabs. The Adventures in Pet Ownership
New Setup for Hermit Crabs

The one crab is still running around and enjoys its small pieces of driftwood to climb on and the wide variety of shells gives many stylish options for the crabs. No more painted shells as they are also no good. Bake the wood at 225 for a few hours to kill mites. Just an FYI. Sooner than later, the cage will need to be upgraded to a bigger size.

-Side note, Abby drew a picture of the family to put next to their home so they would know who we were and pictures of them on the wall.

So Welcome to Fre and the other one that I can never remember the name as it is very long. Welcome to our Menagerie of animals and beings in our household. What’s next? Fish! Our pet ownership adventure continues.

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