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There’s an Escape Goat in the Car Mommy

There’s an Escape Goat in the Car Mommy

A few minutes from our house, there is a farm where the owner’s play cricket in the warmer weather. It is also home to many goats. That includes one special escape goat that got in my car.

It was any ordinary day as I was returning from running errands with my daughter. Then for the third time

goat buddy watching the escape goat
goat buddy watching on from behind the fence

I saw a goat practically in the road and not the first time I have seen this very familiar goat. The first time, the goat was standing in front of police car being held by the cop looking as if rights were being read. The second time I stopped, a lady was there and I helped corner the goat with my vehicle. She said the goat often escaped and she lived nearby so she always had a leash on her. I’m so glad the goat didn’t jump on my new car. That would have been really difficult to explain to my husband.

This brings us to the third time, the goat almost in the road and no one but me and Abby to rescue him. So I swung around and got on the side of the road near where the goat was grazing. The goat’s buddy staring at him from other side of the fence as if to say “here we go again.” I got my dog’s leash and caught the goat.  A few minutes later, my daughter opened her eyes and started squealing. So, I let her out of her seat and called the police as I try not to laugh as I call in the escape goat. They said this has been become a regular occurrence and they would send police. Yes, police and backup for a goat.


I asked my three year if she wanted to wait with us and she replied “no, have shoes on.” So she was stuck in the car as I can’t put on shoes and wrangle goats. I’m just not that talented.

Goat in car mommy and it's eating crumbs
Goat in car mommy!

 That’s when it happened. The goat began eating the crumbs from my car floor. It then got on my lap. So my daughter starts yelling “there’s a goat in the car mommy!” We were both cracking up. I shot a quick picture as it looked like the goat was driving my car. Then we got back out and just about that time, the police came. I gave them the goat to return and snapped some pictures with goat in police custody before putting my child back in her seat and driving off. I could see the cops walking the goat home as I went and my daughter cried out for her new friend, the Van Wagner Goat.

reading the goat its rights
reading the goat its rights

That was the adventure for that day. The day there was a goat in our car. Life is never dull with adventures of Abby Girl.

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As always, Peace, Love and French Fries -Abby Girl and Mom

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    1. It made my day. My husband wasn’t too amused when I sent him a video. He always tells me to clean my car. I found an eco friendly solution!

    1. your welcome! … I try to keep my posts amusing. I love goats. I want one, but where I live, the town will frown upon it. LOL.

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